How your business can benefit from custom mobile app!

How your business can benefit from custom mobile app!

Octomber 21, 2018 How your business can benefit from custom mobile app!

If you are wondering why to create an app for your business? Let’s have a look at some facts to get convinced to build the app.

In the digital world, everybody has a smartphone. A recent Statista survey shows the number of smartphone users is forecast to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019.

Mobile apps became a common part of our life. We use mobile apps for ordering food, making a grocery list, access on-demand services, checking account balances, planing holiday and communicating with others and many more.

Mobile apps have changed many industries as we know them, bringing some of them to the new level. Many businesses are building their own mobile apps and there are many reasons why you should invest in a mobile app. In a digital era if your business does not have a mobile app, then it means you are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract potential clients, no matter how far they are. Just having a website will not give you an edge over your competitors.

Here are 5 benefits of creating a mobile app for your business.

1 Increase customer base

The most important goal of any entrepreneur is to reach out to the more valuable customers and generate more revenue. Mobile apps for business fulfill the desired goal by understanding customer behavior over the mobile app.

According to new research by google about “How people shop on their phones” 58% of smartphone users report having used a shopping app in the last 30 days. It means More than half of smartphone owners turn to their phones to shop.

Having a custom mobile app gives you a chance to put your business forward to new customers and even attract them with in-app offers. You can start giving them free trials and additional discounts via app downloads to add to your revenue. A custom app will define your uniqueness as it adds up to brand identity for your business.

2 Stay Connected With Customers

Custom mobile apps allow you to send personalized updates related to your products and services to your existing customers in real-time. Additionally, it allows you to access client details and receive feedback, which can be leveraged to improve long-term customer relationships.

Mobile apps give you a lot of ways to provides your customers feel-good moments. While having a mobile app for your business has an opportunity to implements your Customer Engagement Strategies in an effective way.

3 Better Customer Experience

Having a custom mobile app gives you a chance to put your business in a digital platform with better customer experience.

When you have a mobile app, you are allowed to showcase your products and services in a better way. Your customers can use the mobile app as a one-stop destination, whenever they want to make a purchase. Smartphones have become a new tool to chat with family and friends, purchase products, check services and do many more. You need a mobile app to do all the above tasks easily.


4 Data that makes more sale

Mobile apps provide you analytics which gives you every single information of your user behavior, what they are doing on your app, which region has many users in geographical manners, and much more live data you will get from your app according to your target audience.

Yes, Data is the key to success, having such an amount of users data will helps you a lot to take the right decision for your expansion plans or improvising your service and solving user's problems to earn the trust of your users to make more valuable business.

5 Building Brand

Increasing your brand awareness is something that a marketer recommends.

The awareness and name of your brand will increase tremendously with a mobile app. In fact, it works like a billboard sign. If you have a mobile app with great looks and features, nothing can stop it from increasing your brand awareness.


Above given were the benefits of a mobile application with facts and figures that leads you to get convinced about having a mobile app for your business.

The mobile application thus provides you a huge number of benefits which will enhance the growth and productivity of your business. A mobile application is a must for expanding any business. If you have any mobile app idea, contact Codfidea Infotech.


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